Wrestling Title Histories

Wrestling Title Histories
The title histories of former WWE, WCW, ECW & TNA wrestlers

Monday, September 28, 2009

Justin Credible


Justin Credible is a well-known icon in hardcore professional wrestling. He wrestled and captured titles in both WWE and ECW, becoming a main eventer of ECW.

ECW Championship (1 time)
-04/22/2000, CyberSlam: def. Tommy Dreamer

ECW Tag Team Championship (2 times)
-01/09/2000, Guilty as Charged: with Lance Storm, def. Tommy Dreamer and Raven
-03/12/2000, Living Dangerously: with Lance Storm, def. Mike Awesome and Raven

Hardcore Championship (8 times)
-05/02/2002, SmackDown: def. Shawn Stasiak
-05/06/2002, Raw: def. Raven
-07/12/2002, def. Bradshaw
-07/13/2002, def. Bradshaw
-07/14/2002, def. Bradshaw
-07/26/2002, def. Raven
-07/27/2002, def. Raven
-07/28/2002, def. Raven

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