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Wrestling Title Histories
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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Disco Inferno

A man who has danced for most of his career at ringside in WCW, Disco Inferno has become a popular wrestler. His disco dances made him a champion. He became a successful wrestler in the low-card division, having many championship reigns.

Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
October 4, 1999 (Monday Nitro) - November 21, 1999 (Mayhem)
Dancing through disco music, Disco Inferno captured the Cruiserweight Championship on October 4, 1999, by defeating the newly awarded champion Psicosis. Inferno held the title for a month before he was defeated by Evan Karagias at Mayhem PPV.

WCW Television Championship (2 times)
September 22, 1997 (Monday Nitro) - November 3, 1997 (Monday Nitro)
Disco Inferno captured his first championship gold in WCW on September 22, 1997, by defeating the German Alex Wright. He held the title for a month, before losng it to Perry Saturn on November 3.

December 8, 1997 (Monday Nitro) - December 22, 1997 (Monday Nitro)
Disco regained the WCW TV Championship from Perry Saturn on December 8, 1997, winning it a second time. He did not enjoy his second reign for long as it lasted only three weeks, ending on December 22, as he lost the title to Booker T.

WCW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
November 16, 2000 (Millennium Germany) - November 20, 2000 (Monday Nitro)
After their struggles fo two years, Boogie Knights finally captured tag team gold on November 16, 2000, by defeating Sean O' Haire and Mark Jindrak but their reign lasted only four days, on November 20, as they were defeated by Perfect Event.

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